The 10 best apps for Android, according to Google

Check out a selection made by Google itself that brings together the best apps available in the company’s virtual store, Google Play

Google’s virtual content store, Google Play, has unveiled its own selection of the year’s best apps for its operating system, Android. “Some were released in 2012 while others were given updates that helped them achieve a great combination of utility, beauty and affordability,” Google Play merchandising manager Tavares Ford said in a post on the site’s official blog. According to him, almost all are available globally and offer an incredible experience regardless of access platform, that is, in both tablets and smartphones. Check out the Google selection in this image gallery:

  1. Pixlr Express

The app aims to provide image editing tools to its users. In addition to the resizing of photos, it allows the application of more than 600 types of effects to images that can be captured with the camera of the smartphone and through the app itself. The Pixlr Express download is free.


Pocket allows your user to save reports, articles and also videos found on the web directly in the app. So you can view them later, even offline. The Pocket download is free.

  1. Ancestry

The Ancestry app allows the user to produce their own family tree. To do this, you need to enter the data of your family members. There is also support for photographs of each of them. The app download is free.

  1. Expedia Hotels & Flights

The travel app allows you to book in more than 130 thousand hotels spread around the four corners of the globe and also allows scheduling of flights. Your download is free.

  1. Pinterest

The virtual mural of inspirations and referrals, and one of the hottest social networks of 2012, is another app nominated by the Google Play team. Through it, it is possible to store the favorite images and still allows the publication of any photo captured with the camera of the smartphone itself. The Pinterest app is free to download.

  1. Evernote

The app aims to make it easier to store documents like pictures or texts. The interesting thing is that Evernote allows the synchronization of everything stored between various devices, from smartphones or tablets to personal computers. The app is free to download. However, anyone who wants to have access to more advanced features, such as offline access to stored documents, will need to pay a fee that can be monthly or yearly.

  1. Fancy

The shopping app gathers a number of selected items through the curatorship of the network’s own user community. Fancy download is free.

  1. SeriesGuide Show Manager

The app assumes the role of television guide and makes the user always keep up with their favorite shows. It allows marking and evaluation of episodes already watched and also sharing information with friends on social networks. The download is free.

  1. TED

Fans of the conferences and lectures on technology, innovation and so many other topics can access them directly through the TED app. The download is free.

  1. Grimm’s Snow White

Available in languages such as English, French and Spanish, this app aims to be an introductory book to the fairy tale world of the Grimm brothers through Snow White’s history. Interactive, gives small users games to help Snow White escape from the Queen. The app costs $ 3.99 .

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