Over time, the computer becomes slow and cumbersome due to the installation of many software. That’s because, even when we uninstall programs, there is always a trace of it.

Simple tasks such as accessing a website or opening a file do not take more time than before, leaving the user irritated and reducing their productivity. Switching to a new machine – in an attempt to keep a computer faster – may not be the solution. In time, the same thing will happen.

Part of the operating system limitation happens because of the way the machine is operated. All this can be solved with some simple tips, applicable by the user at home. These recommendations also serve to keep our eyes open when we take the PC to maintenance.

It is about them that we will deal with in this post. We’ve listed 6 tips to optimize performance and make your computer faster. Check out!


One of the main causes that leaves the computer heavy are the viruses running in parallel while you run some program. These malicious programs are malicious programs that run without your permission.

Therefore, it is important to keep your antivirus up to date and make the verification periodic. They have the function of detecting and eliminating the viruses found on your computer, in addition to reducing the risk of attacks and unauthorized intrusions. This scan aims to make the machine lighter to run the main processes.

One of the most common gateways for new viruses are links received via email. By doing so, one must be very careful about them.


Due to the fact that operating systems, especially Windows, write files in a fragmented way as you use and install programs, the computer slows down over time. This is because it takes longer to access files scattered on the hard drive.

For this reason, there is a need to defragment the micro frequently. The process is a native function of Windows and has the functionality of organizing the loose elements on the hard drive and rejoining them.

To access it, select the “Start” menu in Windows, go to “Accessories”, “System Tools” and finally “Disk Defragmenter”.


When you buy a new computer, everything works perfectly and very fast. Over time, the operating system tends to store unnecessary files.

There are several PC cleaning programs with free or paid versions, which make the computer faster. This is a simple action and can be executed by the user without major problems.

Keep your system cleaned regularly to free up space and resources, as well as speed up system startup and overall system performance.

Examples of free cleaning programs: CCleaner, Glary Utilities, Privacy Eraser.


Of course, all people who use computers, ever in their lifetime, have already undergone a “frozen” lock or screen. This may be happening due to the overheating of the micro.

By means of free software, it is possible to monitor the temperature of the computer. Excessive dust, clogged ventilation channels, or fan failure may result in overheating.

The solution may be to perform maintenance with a specialized technician or to format the micro – there are times when it is unavoidable.

During maintenance, the professional will clean the cooler and heatsink, since the accumulated dust prevents heat from being eliminated.


When the motherboard slots dock accumulates a lot of dirt, it can happen that the computer does not turn on. The cause of the problem is related to the problem of bad contact between the board and the connector.

The solution to this is simple: simply clean the memory combs with the contact cleaner or with the help of a school eraser. To perform the procedure, follow these steps:

  • with the computer turned off and all power cords disconnected, open the case;
  • until the memory clip loosens, press the two side clips of the memory down;
  • Carefully touch only the ends of the comb – due to the static energy of the body, avoid touching the other parts of the plate. In this way, remove the slot after undocking it completely from the fasteners;
  • with the contact wiper or school eraser, clean the entire contact area of the comb – it is the yellow area positioned at the bottom. Do this on both sides;
  • do not forget to remove any remaining rubber residue, using a brush for this;
  • do this, replace the comb in the slot, being careful of the cut format, since it should be positioned equally. Do not use too much force.
  • to lock it again, place your fingers on the ends of the comb and press against the slot;
  • repeat the same steps on all combs.

If you choose to change RAM, as you believe this is the best solution for your computer’s slowness, you need to look at compatibility to avoid wasting money and not achieving the goal.

To upgrade memory, be careful not to conflict with the processor. Buying a higher memory at speed if the processor has information processing limit is not a good idea. In addition, the ideal is to acquire the memory of the same model of the bus, so as not to generate divergence between the components.

Therefore, many problems can be solved with simple actions performed by the user. People often have a good machine, but they use it improperly, such as ignoring the installation of security software.

By taking a little time and discipline, you can leave your computer faster. In that sense, put our tips into practice to get the machine in order and optimize its performance.