How to format (or update) Windows 10 using a thumb drive

Using a tool, you can also manually upgrade to Windows 10

Bought a new notebook but it still came with outdated windows? Or worse, bought a new one with Windows 10, but it came full of applications from the manufacturer? Formatting your Windows 10 computer can solve both of these problems. As usual, a clean upgrade can also make your computer faster or solve problems that seem to have no solution.

In Windows 10 it has been much easier to format or update your computer. Microsoft itself offers a tool to help you create a pen drive or DVD to install the system. Before you begin formatting, you will need a pen drive with at least 5 GB available (all of its content will be erased) or a blank DVD with similar space.

Remember: The steps below teach you how to format or upgrade your computer, but be careful not to lose your activation. If you already have Windows 10, sign in to your Microsoft account before formatting to bind the license to your email, so Windows will be automatically activated. Let’s go to the instructions:

  • Enter this page from Microsoft;
  • If you are using Windows, click Download the tool now. On other operating systems, only ISO download will be available;
  • Wait for the download to finish and run the tool (give administrator permission);
  • Accept the license terms;

To upgrade your computer (including clean upgrade)

  • Under What do you want to do ?, select Update this computer now;
  • Follow the installer’s instructions. Under Change what to keep, select Nothing to do a clean install or other file and program options, depending on what you want to keep;
  • Finally, click Install and wait. Quite: Your computer will restart several times.

If all goes well, your Windows will be updated!

Tip: If you are going to upgrade your Windows 7 or 8 and missed the deadline for the free update from Microsoft, you can follow this tip and keep it free at the time of the update.

To format your computer

  • Under What do you want to do ?, select Create installation media for another computer;
  • If necessary, select the desired version of Windows 10, the language, architecture, and click Next;
  • Choose where you will create your media: a Pen drive is recommended. Otherwise, select ISO File and follow the instructions here to create the DVD;
  • Wait a long time until the media is created;
  • With the installation media inserted, restart your computer and boot the system to the DVD disc or directly to the thumb drive. To do this, you must change the boot order of your computer by pressing the F2, F12, or Esc key shortly at the time it starts. Refer to your motherboard manual for instructions on how to do this;
  • Properly started in the Windows installer, adjust your preferences and click Next;
  • Click Install Windows and wait. Enough: It will take time, believe me. But it will work.

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