10 apps to leave your computer as new

Check out some free tools for Windows and Mac that should help keep your computer running like new

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Over time, the computer is getting full and losing more and more performance. But, before you think about changing your machine, how about trying to clean it? In this selection of programs, you will find 10 free tools for Windows and Mac that should help make your computer look like new. They are useless application uninstallers, unnecessary file exterminators and many more.

  1. CCleaner

Every time a site is accessed, a program is installed and a file is created, Windows and Mac create multiple files automatically. They are temporary and cache files, which can take up a reasonable amount of space on the hard drive and slow down the computer. The function of CCleaner is to search every corner of Windows and Mac for these useless files. The program also clears the browsing history and disappears with traces left by programs that have been uninstalled from the machine.

  1. JetClean

JetClean is a simple-to-use solution for optimizing the performance of Windows computers. With one click, the program does a full scan through the HD, finding temporary files, errors in the OS registry, problems in using RAM and more. With another click, JetClean fixes all that, also cleaning up data from browsers and freeing up space in RAM. If you want, you can still choose what you want to keep on the machine before the scan – a useful function if you want to preserve the browsing history of Firefox, for example. The application also has tools to defragment the disk, uninstall software and optimize Windows startup, defining which software runs.

  1. Revo Uninstaller

After uninstalling with the Windows Change / Remove Programs function, many applications leave a series of traces behind. If accumulated, it can take up a lot of space in the HD and still leave the machine very disorganized and slow. To prevent this from happening, Revo Uninstaller is the solution. The program features four different modes of uninstallation. In the most basic, it just removes the desired software from the computer. But in the most advanced, it does the complete uninstallation of other applications, checking every corner of the HD for files related to the program and also looking for changes in the Windows registry.

  1. AppCleaner

Despite the ease of uninstalling programs on Macs, several files related to the removed applications remain stored on the machine. To prevent them from accumulating and affecting computer performance, the tip is to use AppCleaner. The software basically replaces the Mac bin. So when you uninstall something, simply drag the icon to the AppCleaner window, which does a quick scan on the hard drive and displays the files related to the program. You can even choose if you want to keep some of them before you permanently remove everything.

  1. Mem Reduct

This small Windows utility monitors and can reduce memory usage on the PC, greatly improving performance. Mem Reduct does this by informing the user when memory is beginning to become overloaded. On the screen of the program itself, you can try to use it, cleaning some areas of the RAM and avoiding slow and possible Windows crash. When you click to view memory usage, you will find all the information and percentage of memory usage. To optimize PC performance, simply click the “Start RAM Optimization” button. In this section there are four options to clear the memory, and after selecting all the desired areas, just click on “Start” and wait for the results.

  1. Startup Master

Many programs installed on the PC end up going to the Windows startup list. Some of them, heavier, compromise – and much – speed, causing the computer to take several minutes to be ready for use. But with the help of Startup Master, the problem must be solved. With a very simple interface, the program shows a list of all the programs that start with the PC. To disable any of them, simply select the desired application and click the “Disable” button. The user can also choose to delete the file from the startup list by the “Delete” button or delay the file to start with the “Delay” button.

  1. PC Decrapifier

New computers may also suffer slowly, especially those that already come with a number of pre-installed programs, crapware. As many of these applications are useless, you can remove them with the help of PC Decrapifier. The program, which does not require installation, lists all these programs. It’s up to you to select which ones you want to keep and which ones you want to permanently delete from your computer. PC Decrapifier is not only useful on new PCs, since you can also remove toolbars from browsers, among other things.

  1. Magican

Magican is a free Mac utility that can monitor, clean and optimize your computer’s performance. The application can work as a complete tool for those who want to configure and customize their use of the computer in a secure way. It allows you to perform cleaning of useless folders, check PC temperature, and other disk data or machine performance. In addition to the various features to power the Mac, Magican also has a section that alerts you about updates to installed applications. So, if there is a Mac App Store app with a new version, the user can download it automatically.

  1. MV RegClean

After installing and uninstalling programs in Windows, the operating system registry becomes full of errors. This will slow the system down, as this polluted registry continues to be used by almost every other application. With RegClean, these failures must be resolved quickly. The software tracks the entire system and then each registry entry and why it is being removed. It should also wipe out useless files from various, especially temporary ones, freeing up space on the machine’s hard drive. If you want, you can still open the Registry Editor by the program itself for some manual adjustment.

  1. UltraDefrag

With the use, the movement of files and the installation and uninstallation of programs, the Windows HD ends up with several holes, making it difficult to read and access information inside it. A defragmentation with UltraDefrag should solve these problems. The program offers three functions to the user: Analyze, so that the application knows how the disk situation is; Defragment, to begin the defragmentation process; and Optimize, which is a faster and simpler process for improving HD playback.

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